I know, it is kind of a vague title considering that almost everything that exists can be found on the net, and whether you like it or loath it, it is a huge part of our daily life. Even i, a guy who has told people that he hated Facebook has had to admit that it does have its uses.
But of course i am not here to talk to you about the fact that there are over 1.8 billion internet users out there or that in 2009 there were over 234 million sites with a predicted growth of about 50 million sites per year. No, there are many serious and useful things that we use the internet for but lets focus on the other side of the net, the weird, the funny and the useless things that we find for our own amusement.

I would like to think that this site gives you a taste of what is out there without you having to filter through all of those annoying adds and pop ups, so now seems i was distracted when i was half way through writing

this entry and have completely forgotten what my original point was, i am just going to chuck out a couple of random things that are out there.

Also i just want to say that if you find anything out there that you think would make me laugh or think is cool, send me a link.

Oh and as for that last picture below, people not thinking about that is why i love the net.

So i was thinking about Captain Planet and monkeys the other day and it got me thinking about Ma-Ti...(the Planeteer with the power of.....heart).

Lets first talk about captain planet, so if you don't know it, it's a cartoon from the 90's about a super hero that protects the earth. he is summoned by the planeteers combining their powers, earth, fire wind, water...and heart. Also i would like to note that all of the planeteers were from different parts of the world. It was a kick-ass show that i watched all the time as a kid and it had a good message. unlike a lot of cartoons that are around today, in fact if we compare the cartoons we watched as kids (eg gargoyles, transformers, GI joe, batman( which i think is one of, if not the best adaptation of batman)) to the cartoons they have today, it just doesn't stack up.
Admittedly some shine through but most suck because they have to conform to what is deemed politically correct. I will discuss that more at a latter date.

Getting back on topic, Ma-Ti. he was given the power of heart while the others got powers like wind, water, earth and fire. Now i know,  without heart then captain planet wouldn't be the super hero that he is, in fact i think they even done a couple of episodes addressing this but still if i was Ma-Ti and looked around at my friends doing all of these amazingly awesome things with there powers and i had heart as my power, i would feel at least a little disappointed.

I am pretty sure that is why he got a monkey. Monkeys rule!




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Ok so i know the first thing that comes to mind when a lot of you hear the word 'wrestling'    FAKE   and i am not here to argue the fact that the story lines are real life or that they don't plan out a lot of their move sets.

What i do want to say is that things happen in wresting, they really do put themselves at risk for our entertainment and i think they deserve our respect for doing so.

For example, if the gif works to the left of this you will see an example of the risk not paying off. If it doesn't work then damn i'll just tell you. In the gif a wrestler by the name of Sid Vicious attempts to jump off the top rope and do a front kick while landing on one leg.
Here is where it doesn't work out, as he lands his left leg snaps.

Many wrestlers have had injuries because of doing what they do, some even injuries that will never really heal, like Steve Austin's neck because of a bad plie driver. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong in the ring, R.I.P Owen Hart.

I know that this isn't exactly going to change much of the worlds perception but if you got time i urge you to check out this link Youtube Link , its a match between Mankind and the Undertaker in 1998. It isn't the most brutal matches that i have ever seen but it is the most risk that a wrestler has put themselves through on a mainstream network(the biggest at the time).

If you are curious about anything about the Youtube video like how high the cage was or at what times was he actually out cold, go Here ,  I didn't want to write it here because I think you should watch the video first.


Sad day



On June 20, 2011, at approximately 3:30 a.m. EDT, Dunn died in a car crash in West Goshen Township, Pennsylvanian, when his 2007 Porsche 911 GT3  slid off the road, hit a tree, and burst into flames.

If you have heard of Ryan Dunn then you  probably have seen  Jackass. He was one of the crazy crew that did random stuff for the entertainment of others.

As many people out there have already, I just want to extend my regards to his family and close friends.

Like many of you out there, seems I never actually knew him then I will remember him for the stunts that he took part in on Jackass and CKY etc....

For example when inserted a toy car.....well the x ray kind off shows where. or when he was launched into the air while others took aim with paintball guns, or skulling back a full bottle of tequila on stage..

To be honest i will remember him the most for his MTV show Homewrecker, it was pretty damn funny and also taught me some pranks. To bad it is hard to find though, try typing 'homewrecker' into torrent searches and see what shows up...

Rest in peace man, you will be missed...

Ok so technology is becoming rapidly advanced at an amazing rate, i am not disputing that in any way.
What i am saying is, i remember when i wasn't so careful with some of my things, for example my cellphone. Back in the day, i had one of those Nokia phones (the brick ones that we played snake on), now i dropped it constantly, on concrete, in a pool, went through washing machine and was even set on fire by mistake a couple of times and it still worked for ages. I just had to replace the faceplate a few times. now look at my cell phones since then, and keep in mind that with these new phones i was very careful in comparison, next Nokia just wouldn't turn back on, next was flip top, snapped in half, next two were side phones, one had screen stopped working, other kept freezing or slowing down. Current phone is Sony Ericsson w995, have had it for quite awhile, but you know that it has had an easier life than the first phone. was planing on getting an iphone but hesitated because my current phone is kind of out of date and i have had it for a while so i don't really care when i drop it, i just don't know if i am ready to go back to being protective and careful with my phone again.