So i was thinking about Captain Planet and monkeys the other day and it got me thinking about Ma-Ti...(the Planeteer with the power of.....heart).

Lets first talk about captain planet, so if you don't know it, it's a cartoon from the 90's about a super hero that protects the earth. he is summoned by the planeteers combining their powers, earth, fire wind, water...and heart. Also i would like to note that all of the planeteers were from different parts of the world. It was a kick-ass show that i watched all the time as a kid and it had a good message. unlike a lot of cartoons that are around today, in fact if we compare the cartoons we watched as kids (eg gargoyles, transformers, GI joe, batman( which i think is one of, if not the best adaptation of batman)) to the cartoons they have today, it just doesn't stack up.
Admittedly some shine through but most suck because they have to conform to what is deemed politically correct. I will discuss that more at a latter date.

Getting back on topic, Ma-Ti. he was given the power of heart while the others got powers like wind, water, earth and fire. Now i know,  without heart then captain planet wouldn't be the super hero that he is, in fact i think they even done a couple of episodes addressing this but still if i was Ma-Ti and looked around at my friends doing all of these amazingly awesome things with there powers and i had heart as my power, i would feel at least a little disappointed.

I am pretty sure that is why he got a monkey. Monkeys rule!



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