Sorry but posting without a pic wouldn't look right and i don't have any related pictures....anyway.

I wanted to do a post about something that happened yesterday or last night New Zealand time. I came across a thread on a website, it had a lot of comments and the youtube video that it was linked to was getting a minimum of 200 comments every ten seconds, so i watched it....

The video was of this asian guy getting beaten up by seven other guys. It was pretty brutal and i didn't enjoy watching it but i have to admt that the internet is a fucked up place and this video is no where near the most messed up thing that i have seen.

What came next is the part that suprised me, within seconds i had access to the seven guys information, I am talking about names, schools, home addresses, phone numbers, facebooks.....everything. People where calling them and abusing them, their facebooks had to be frozen. Then this random girl (lets call her Amie because that was her name and her info was posted too) posted a video on youtube saying that people needed to stop judging as they didn't know both sides of the story. You could imagine what happened to her next.

Next was the creation of memes, stills from the video like one shot of the guy getting beaten up and the words 'get beaten up by 7 guys, just get bleeding nose' and one of the attackers that showed his face at one part saying on the video 'Hold my gloves' to one of his friends also was made into a meme.

Next was the news that one of them had already been arrested. Then the video on youtube of him being arrested.

This all happened over two or three hours. Now as i have tried to do during this post, take your personal feelings of the event that happened and just this about the internet/networking side of it. It is amazing what happens with the technology we have now, it is also a little daunting what we are capable of, if only we were inclined to do so.

I just wanted to end this post with a couple of notes, I think that some people would question that sentence when i talked about them becoming memes, there are memes about everything, for example when that shooting happened in Norway, the shooter (Anders Breivik) became a meme. That one made me feel a little sick.

The other thing is more related to my post as a whole. I was at a friends house and he showed me an episode of Black Mirror (the episode with the prime minister and the pig). I don't want to talk about it here and warning it is not for people who a easily disturbed (or for people who are usually ok with ) but i suggest that some of you check it out. Its unsettling how possible it actually is.
So i have been thinking about a post on this subject for a long time, now i don't know about you but i have family as friends on my facebook, now this means that i have to be carerful what i say on there (and be careful what is said to me or about me).

I am one to avoid drama so i don't want something said that will make my family or my mum (yea she's on there too) to make a face like the one to the right.

Now i know that there are changes that you can make to your settings that can block information to certain people but i don't want to do that, I am not that bad and neither are my friends so i feel that type of action would be extreme.

I actually have an example for you that fits this, i was talking to a friend of mine today about this very subject and he explained something that happened to him.

Now he is a normal guy but he has some fucked up friends (as you do) and basically he came on facebook one day and came across a link someone had posted on his wall.

Now i shit you not, it was a video advertising a bondage sex swing... so normal reaction...
delete that shit before grandma ( hahaha yea his grandma is on there) sees it.

To this day he has not heard a word from his family about it so i assume they didn't see it or they knew that his friends were just screwing with him.

Still though, people be careful of facebook.

Don't kill grandma with your cumshot.... Thats a reference not just me being weird.
it has been a couple of months since my last post but i have good reason.

It has been a very turbulent time, there has been christmas and new years and a whole host of other destractions that have led me away from this website.
Also there has been one more fact why i have not been posting, it has come to my attention that there are facebook groups that do pretty much the same things that this site does except they do it in a more convenient way. 

I could have been all....
But to be honest they are not the first and i don't do this for page views, i see this as an outlet so yea.

If you view, thats great, if not all good, if you critic me then go fuck yourself, the world goes around.