I am writing this now while it is fresh and raw in my mind. I was at a party today and some drama broke out down the street from where we were, about fifty people were around and fights were breaking out in between all of the shouting. A couple of people were worried about their cars so we went outside where we could see them and hung out for a while. We started talking about fighting and what we would do if something happened, i could see from one of the guys faces that he was jacked and so it wouldn't take much for him to act.

He told me that he had never been in a fight but he didn't have to, the reason why i recognized that look is because it had been on my face a lot when i was younger.

I would like to say first off that there is a difference between fighting and true violence. Peoples perception of fighting is that it is usually between two people and it ends before someones severe injury or death. Violence on the other hand is more intense and ends in blood and possible death.

I feel like i needed to state that first because that look was on my face before i have jumped into fights and other confrontational incidents. I've been in situations with knives being pulled on me, getting hit by weapons like bottles and being jumped or beaten. A couple of months back i was talking to a girl, i found out she dated a guy i hung out with at a few parties. Turns out that she was dating him when he was stabbed in the neck by another guy i knew.

Being involved in situations like this throughout my life has taught me that in the end, its not worth it. I am not going to watch people i care about end up in hospital or worse just because they were caught up in something that didn't have to happen.

I am not saying that you shouldn't defend yourself, i am saying that if you need to act then violence should be your last resort. If you act without thinking you could end up in prison, in hospital or dead.