I was standing in the middle of a crowd on a calm night. One of the girls i was with says in a cracked voice,
"If they lose, i am going to cry". Although i don't think i would have cried, i did share that feeling down in my gut.
It was almost full time of this gut wrenching close game and in the mess of things it looked for a millisecond that we lost possession and my heart sunk but then the whistle blew.

At that moment the crowd erupted around me, that is a moment i will never forget.

Its been a long time since i have been that proud of New Zealand. The All Blacks have been our team, I would just like to thank them, not only for giving everything they had, the effort, the blood, the spirit but for uniting the country which supported them. It doesn't matter if you were born here, moved here or are just a fan, at that moment New Zealand was one, i could see the joy (and to be honest a little relief) in the faces of everyone i passed.

So Go The All Blacks! Savor this moment, you deserve it.  
Hey boys and girls, so i was thinking recently about songs in other media(eg songs in movies). The other day i was at the video store and i walk up to the counter with a game and she says" ooh, someone took the 'sorry i am out' sticker off it", and as that was kind of the only game i felt like playing that sucked but seems i was already there i just grabbed a random one. The one i picked up was borderlands.
Now the game was pretty average but to be honest i don't know if i really gave it a fair go because i was very busy and only played a little late at night but that's beside the point. The point is that the first thing i noticed when playing this game was the intro song, Ain't no rest for the Wicked by Cage the Elephant. That song is pretty damn catchy (the good kind of catchy), so click the link and listen to it.

Now  i can't have a post about this without mentioning another song, Scotty doesn't know by Lustra.
If you don't remember then this song is from the movie Eurotrip which i watched again recently. If you haven't seen it for while and you have forgotten most of it you should watch it again.

Also if your from New Zealand, Zena is in it.

If you can think of other songs like this then comment, it's cool how it brings back memories.

See she is. oh and one more point, don't suggest 'my heart will go on' from titanic... that just ain't gangsta.
If you haven't noticed already, i really like demotivational posters. I just thought i should tell the people that make them that their time and effort is appreciated and that i will be getting the one below printed and framed to put on my wall.
So i guess i should explain, well i was a headed to this party one night then a lot of random (unimportant to my point) stuff happened and i ended up at an old friends house and she said " you have to see this" turned around her laptop and showed me this:
So that triggered a conversation about how weird it is to see a future cat lady as a young person but this is only half of it, then i was shown this. I must warn you though this was stuck in my head for 3 days.
For those of you who hate me a little because this song is stuck in there head too, well you know what they day, spread the love spread disease.

Damn its catchy!