Hey boys and girls, so today is election day for New Zealand. Admittedly I haven't exactly been watching every debate and reading every pamphlet but i have taken the time to really think about my choice.

Now to those who still haven't voted, take note of a few things:
The people you vote for should not be afraid to do what they have to do for the good of the people.
They should be honest about there intentions and.......
....not just tell you what they think you want to hear for your vote.

Now in the end it's your decision, don't vote for someone just because someone else told you too.

And lastly for those candidates who don't get the votes.....
So my brain is all...
......at the moment so this post may be kind of all over the place.

It has been a full on day, actually thought about quitting. In these situations my mind tends to go with two options when i finally finish work:

Option A: Stop buy a takeaway and chow out on some greasy as food that tastes damn good.
Option B: Get home, turn the music up loud and take my energy out on punching bag and weights.

I chose....

I know this picture doesn't really match up (actuallly im damn glad it doesn't) but lol, yea.

Oh and while i'm thinking about it, so i am going to be a god parent.... again, so congrads to them.

Just for general information, i admit i am not the greatest kid person but they can be pretty funny. oh and i'm not like the guy on the right.

soooo.... my mind is getting slower by the second...

So i think its best that i leave it here....
So this week hasn't exactly been the best week of my life, in fact there were times during the week when i wanted to do something along the lines of the picture to the right.

In saying this, when your mind is in this mindset victories ( no matter how small ) can make all the difference.

I wont bore you with the details of what happened this moring to make me say this but I will say this,

Money isn't real, remember don't take life too seriously, your not going to make it out alive anyway.

Oh and hey..... it could be worse.....

So it has been a while since my last post......again, and that sucks but sometimes life gets in the way of things.

You know that feeling when you don't seem to have any control over what you spend your time doing, well that's basically been my life for what seems like too long. Things are changing though, I am getting my head straight and to be honest it feels good to cut some things that i now realize i needed to. I think Jay Z said it best......
I think i will make you work for that reference, lol.

Ok now that's out of the way, lets talk about the fight.
That's right, Pacquiao vs Marquez. I have to hand it to them, it was a good fight. Most of the time i had doubts about who would end up with their hand raised.

If you haven't watched it and its still sitting there recorded on your Mysky or Tivo, nows the time to stop reading.

I know when i say this next part it may cause a lot of the Filipino community to give me a sideways glance but to be truly honest, I don't know if Pacquiao deserved the win. I am not saying that he had his ass kicked but Marquez did have three or four solid rounds that he clearly won and the others where mostly equal.

I am not taking anything away from Pacquiao, infact i still think that pound for pound he is the best boxer out there but this time the decision didn't feel right to me.

Either way if you haven't seen the fight, and you get a chance to, do so.