So i couldn't find a picture that matched this post so here is a random...anyway back on topic. If you know me then you know that i am the type of person that doesn't like too much drama in my life, i keep things simple. Now in saying that sometimes i get tied up in other peoples issues and that is kind of the case of something recently, so now it is time for a little show and tell.

Ok so while ago Mark, Billy and i are hanging out at Mark's place, just playing ps3 and having a couple of drinks. Now before i continue i should probably tell you a bit about Billy, for a start his real name is William but started calling him Billy after the WWE wrestler who was a little gansgta (he is kind of wannabe gangsta) and has a big ego and a temper to match.

So he starts telling us about this hot girl that he met and that he is totally going to hit that on this date he has planned with her on Saturday, it's just that she wants him to bring a date for her friend. He knows I'm seeing someone and even if i wasn't i would probably still say no so he asks Mark if he would, he says no but that triggers 15 minutes of 'your a gay pussy' and 'why don't you man up' so he end up giving in.

A few days after the date Mark and I went to go eat something at McDonald's. He starts telling me about what happened. So they meet at this Malaysian restaurant called Kayu Manis where he is introduced to a blonde called Jean and her friend Anna. Anna is quite pretty and has a nice body but Mark tells me that when he was talking to her and got to know her, they realized that they had nothing in common and after they ran out of things to day it was just plain awkward.

Now comes the weird part, so after the night he had, he wasn't going to call Anna but the day after the date he gets this text from a random number saying "hey, had a good time last night, just wish you talked to me more", so he texts back something like, ' Hey Anna,yea i had a good time but sorry i don't think this is going to go anywhere. it would be cool if you still wanted to be friends'. This is the reply he got,"O lol, its Jean, hope that changes ur answer xxo".  To this he just thinks WTF and ignores it, but she just keeps texting him, asking what he is doing and is he mad at her, so he  finally texts her back saying that he would not go out with a girl who was already seeing one of his mates, it's just not right and she needs to stop. The texts stop.

I forget about it, until i was on facebook one night and see that Marks been tagged in some posts, i check them out, its Jean and shes writing all of this dramatic love stuff about him, you know what i mean, 'my eyes fill with tears as my love Mark(not going to put his last name) turns his back and breaks my heart' that kind of stuff. I call Mark to tell him but he already knows, tells me to ignore her, he doesn't care. Then asks me if i want to come over and try this new game, i say sure and head over.

While we are playing we hear a loud knock at the door, Mark answers it. Billy comes flying in the door and pins Mark to the wall. "IS IT YOURS YOU A@#HOLE, IS IT F@#$ING YOURS!!" he starts shouting right in Marks face. Mark has no idea what hes talking about, i pull Billy off him and tell him to calm the hell down and explain whats going on. He calms down and we all go into the living room and sit down. He starts telling us that he just found out that Jean is pregnant and that she told him he wasn't the father, then someone told him about the stuff on facebook and so he thought it was Marks. I look at Mark and he calmly says "Billy, Jean is not my lover, she's just a girl who claims that i am the one but the kid is not my son".
Bam, just put the picture above so that people would finish the story before they read this. So these have been popping up all over the net to try and get people to believe it and then end it with something like, open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur or i was finally there, to sit on my throne as the prince of Bel Air. That one above i half made (saw it somewhere and couldn't remember it so filled in about 80%).

Personally i think that tricking people this way is awesome, check this youtube link out and also check out below.