So it has been a while since my last post......again, and that sucks but sometimes life gets in the way of things.

You know that feeling when you don't seem to have any control over what you spend your time doing, well that's basically been my life for what seems like too long. Things are changing though, I am getting my head straight and to be honest it feels good to cut some things that i now realize i needed to. I think Jay Z said it best......
I think i will make you work for that reference, lol.

Ok now that's out of the way, lets talk about the fight.
That's right, Pacquiao vs Marquez. I have to hand it to them, it was a good fight. Most of the time i had doubts about who would end up with their hand raised.

If you haven't watched it and its still sitting there recorded on your Mysky or Tivo, nows the time to stop reading.

I know when i say this next part it may cause a lot of the Filipino community to give me a sideways glance but to be truly honest, I don't know if Pacquiao deserved the win. I am not saying that he had his ass kicked but Marquez did have three or four solid rounds that he clearly won and the others where mostly equal.

I am not taking anything away from Pacquiao, infact i still think that pound for pound he is the best boxer out there but this time the decision didn't feel right to me.

Either way if you haven't seen the fight, and you get a chance to, do so.