I think about this from time to time, when someone or a team  is on top of their game, when they are winning and it don't seem beatable, when they are heroes in their field, people get behind them. The support form the fans that think your the greatest, defend you when people say you suck. Then something happens, you slip, you lose a fight, a game, a match, and some of those same people who had your back turn on you, rip into you on websites or when talking about it with people.

Before you say it, when i watch a fight or something yes, i do critic the athletes, i mean everybody does but what i don't do is hit the net and start ripping into them when in the past i gave them unwavering support. What started me thinking about this recently was the fight between Fedor Emelianenko and Fabricio Werdum. After i watched the fight i checked out the forums to see what people were saying, most of it was normal but some people were ripping into Fedor. Keep in mind that this was his first lose in 10 years, and he didn't get knocked out or anything, he was put in a triangle armbar.

It reminded me of Ken Shamrock, in my opinion one of the greatest fighters there has been and he was fighting during a period when the UFC was younger, before the tightening of rules, a time before Royce Gracie said that it was becoming a sport less real. When he became a WWF wrestler people tore him apart, saying he was a traitor to MMA, that he should go and do fake fighting because the sucks now. To those people i have to say, put yourself in his shoes, hes had been fighting for years, had a great career, had some great fight(eg that draw vs Gracie) and now he knows that hes not as good as he once was and its time to step aside. To admit and come to terms with something like that must one of the hardest mental barriers a person has to face.

I know that not all people do this and the people that do probably have no idea what is like to even set foot in a ring let alone fight in it. I just think that we should cut them a little slack at these times, i mean they just lost, there is no need to make them feel like in the eyes of the world they are a disappointment.