If you are like me then every now and then something happens and a quote from somewhere will pop into your head at just the right moment, it can be pretty awesome, but sometimes it doesn't work.

For example, the picture above, now if this had not happen to me i would look at that picture and thought WTF like you probably are now. Its from a movie called Dog Soldiers, i came across it as i was flicking channels the other day, as for why i have a picture of it above, one of the characters is named 'Spoon' and Spoon gets killed and messed up etc. One of the other guys comes into the room, someone shouts to him "Where's spoon", he sees spoon's dog tags in the bloody mess and says "there is no spoon!". Sound familiar?
That's right, remember that line from the Matrix with that wise kid who could bend spoons.Now i know this happens a lot but this is what started this chain of thought.

There are some classic movies that give us perfect quotes, for example, fight club, american psycho, fear and loathing in las vegas, kill bill, zoolander..... i could go on forever but i think there is one person that deserves a special mention, not just for the quotes of his characters in his movies but because of the movies he has been in.
As you can see by the photo, i am talking about Samuel L. Jackson. He has been in a staggering  number of movies and they have been so diverse in nature as well.

On the left is a photo of him from Pulp Fiction, one quote that i have used from it is
"English mother fucker, do you speak it?", just make sure that someone will get it or you will come off just looking like an asshole, lol it was awkward until i explained it...

Another role he played that should be mentioned is the Octopus in 'the Spirit'.
Which gave us quotes such as "Toilets are always funny" and the quote that i probably

use so much that i don't even think about it being one "That's just plain damn weird".
So if i say something that doesn't sound right or sounds way too harsh then you can probably assume that it is a quote........seriously please do so.....or it could get awkward....