Ok so technology is becoming rapidly advanced at an amazing rate, i am not disputing that in any way.
What i am saying is, i remember when i wasn't so careful with some of my things, for example my cellphone. Back in the day, i had one of those Nokia phones (the brick ones that we played snake on), now i dropped it constantly, on concrete, in a pool, went through washing machine and was even set on fire by mistake a couple of times and it still worked for ages. I just had to replace the faceplate a few times. now look at my cell phones since then, and keep in mind that with these new phones i was very careful in comparison, next Nokia just wouldn't turn back on, next was flip top, snapped in half, next two were side phones, one had screen stopped working, other kept freezing or slowing down. Current phone is Sony Ericsson w995, have had it for quite awhile, but you know that it has had an easier life than the first phone. was planing on getting an iphone but hesitated because my current phone is kind of out of date and i have had it for a while so i don't really care when i drop it, i just don't know if i am ready to go back to being protective and careful with my phone again.