Ok so i know the first thing that comes to mind when a lot of you hear the word 'wrestling'    FAKE   and i am not here to argue the fact that the story lines are real life or that they don't plan out a lot of their move sets.

What i do want to say is that things happen in wresting, they really do put themselves at risk for our entertainment and i think they deserve our respect for doing so.

For example, if the gif works to the left of this you will see an example of the risk not paying off. If it doesn't work then damn i'll just tell you. In the gif a wrestler by the name of Sid Vicious attempts to jump off the top rope and do a front kick while landing on one leg.
Here is where it doesn't work out, as he lands his left leg snaps.

Many wrestlers have had injuries because of doing what they do, some even injuries that will never really heal, like Steve Austin's neck because of a bad plie driver. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong in the ring, R.I.P Owen Hart.

I know that this isn't exactly going to change much of the worlds perception but if you got time i urge you to check out this link Youtube Link , its a match between Mankind and the Undertaker in 1998. It isn't the most brutal matches that i have ever seen but it is the most risk that a wrestler has put themselves through on a mainstream network(the biggest at the time).

If you are curious about anything about the Youtube video like how high the cage was or at what times was he actually out cold, go Here ,  I didn't want to write it here because I think you should watch the video first.