Ok i have to admit that the title and first picture don't have a lot to do with what this post is about but.....Meh.

If you have been reading my last few posts then you may have come to the same conclusions as i did when i flicked thorugh a few of them just then. I was looking through them for a comment on one of my posts but i couldn't really find it, just thought you should know that i do read the comments and thank you for making them. Also to that one person who talked about their site, the loading page looks cool, i look forward to the finish of its construction, even if i may have to translate it. I have tried to learn many languages over the years but nothing really stuck to me. The only words that i seem to be able to recall are swear words or counting to ten (which i can do in five different languages.. i know useful right).

Getting back to the point of the post, my last few posts have been quite serious, it seems that because i close my emotions off to a lot in real life that i have used this as an outlet for them. This is not exactly a good thing, in fact i was on facebook the day after my last post and saw that someone close to me wrote "what is the point of even getting up in the morning" , my first thought was, oops i hope that wasn't me, way to spread depression!

After coming back down to earth and remembering that i am not the warm little center of the universe that the world of this life crowds around i decided to write this, a look at a very simple motto that i have that means a lot to me.

The universe tends to unfold as it should.

This may sound familiar to a lot of you, this could be why...
It was said by the guy on the right in 'Harold and Kumar go to white castle'.

Now whether you heard it from the guy on the right, Max Ehrmann or are hearing it from me for the first time now, it doesn't matter. What really matters is the message.

With quotes and phrases like this, it all comes down to our own perception and interpretation. To me it says that things are going to happen, some you may like, others not so much but in the end it will all work out.
Before you start tearing holes in this like, where is god in all of this or telling me that i should define good or bad. If you do then you are missing the whole point. There is nothing either good or bad ,but thinking makes it so.

What i am trying (and failing) to say is that no matter what happens, everything works out as it should. I can think of one example a while back, I went on a trip to another city with a group of friends, just to hang out and have some fun. When we came to check out of our hotel they told us that the pricing on the website was in a different currency and the price was higher then what we thought it was. Now i was a little pissed of at the time, we paid but one of my friends said he was going to get the information and prove that they were wrong. I didn't question that my friend was right (i have known him for years and in a situation like this i knew 100% that he would be right) but after leaving the hotel i completely forgot about it, to be honest i didn't really care, to me it was one of those situations where i could let it slide because it truly didn't matter to me.

Now here is the thing, my friend proved that he was right and managed to get them to refund the difference. I am telling you this because for me to tell him to just let it go, that it didn't matter, that would not be following the motto because to him, it did matter to the point that he wanted to fight it, to prove to them they were wrong. If he did just let it go then that would be going against what he would naturally do. My natural thing to do at that time was no let it slide, his wasn't. There are situations when i would fight and he wouldn't see what the big deal was, everyone is different. Its up to you to make the choices for yourself, don't let people tell you what you should think or how you should feel about something. It is up to you and you alone.

I hope i explained this well enough for you to understand me. it you have any questions about this, just comment.

There is a song that helps me remember that 'the universe tends to unfold as it should'. It is Castles made of sand by Jimi Hendrix. I looked for a picture to end this post on but intstead i want you to do something for me, listen to this song, see what pictures come to mind.


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