I have never broken a bone in my life and considering some of the stupid things i have done, that's really saying something. 
Last Sunday i went up to the mountain for a one day snowboarding trip. It was the last hour of the day and too be honest i wasn't having the greatest runs so i decided to work on my jumps.
There was a certain jump that i hit a couple of times that day but i wasn't happy with the landing...i now realize things could be worse....

I had my legs bent to get a good push off for a grab....i pushed..my timing was shockingly off and there was nothing under my back foot...legs came out and i landed square on my back or slightly to the right... got up straight away like i usually do when boarding but couldn't breathe...
Went to the doctor two days later when the sharp pain wasn't going away.
He asked the usual questions and did this test when he pushed both sides of my chest to the middle...yes, i do feel it (please stop now). Had some x rays done and no fractures were found. My doctor said that he thinks its a hair-line fracture and that i should use discretion if training and that its in my best interest to take it easier for a while.

After that i called my Mum to tell her about what had happened, figured it would be better if i told her because i didn't 100% trust my friends to keep it off facebook. She wasn't exactly thrilled.... one thing that she did say that got under my skin was "you better be careful, you don't want to become and invalid". I didn't say it out loud at the time because it would not have done any good in the current conversation but i was thinking, if i stop doing what i want to do, if i don't push myself to the limits of what i am capable of just because i am afraid that i could get hurt.....well then there is no point in being fully functional anyway.

That Joe Dirt picture is there because i was going to make a reference to when he talked about how he was born without the top of his skull and it freaked the other kids out so his parents put a wig on his head and the bone and stuff fused together and the wig got stuck to his head. At the end of saying that he said something like 'sorry for talking all technical there'.

Anyway, that is all. I am still going to claim that i have never broken a bone, i don't think this counts.

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