Ok so that title was just to screw with my friends and family so relax.

Now i don't know about you but i have been asked quite a few times
'So when are you having kids?"

And my first reaction (I'm sure i'm not alone) is

'I'm not having kids'

Now just to clarify, that doesn't mean i hate kids.
I don't hate kids, they can be funny as( see right).

They are also so little and cute, like miniature people. I guess if we didn't find them cute it would be the end of the human race....

Also some of the crap that they come up with is pretty funny.

Like a was talking to this kid of about 7 and she was telling me this dramatic story, you know how sometimes they talk and forget to breath. well anyway she was telling me this story and got to the part when her friend jumped out and scared her. now to be honest at this point i was only half listening but in the avalanche she said "...and she was hiding but i didn't know she was hiding and she jumped out and i started crying in my mind because it was so scary..."

So i just kept doing what i was doing until something clicked and i was like lol ....wait...what? and i tried to break down what she said.....and i was crying in my mind... then i realized you can't break that stuff down, i mean think about all the stuff that they say that would make awesome quotes.

Like for example a friend of mine who has a kid was telling me about the time her son used the toilet for the first time by himself and for the rest of the day referred to himself as the 'Toilet King'.

I have to admit that as a child i have said things that have came back to bite me in the ass and become peoples catch phrases when they are around me.

Well i kind off went off topic (it seems as i do) so i would like to end this by saying a couple of things, firstly, i have many friends with kids and i know when i look at them that they love them completely and would never change it, even if they could.

In saying that though, I can't picture myself having kids, maybe some day that will change but for now, that's just the way it is.

Ok so i wasn't going to just end it like that, here, when i saw this i had the biggest WTFLMAO, i mean seriously WTF.

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