Like usual it has been a long time since my last post but if i was completely honest i would have to say that i didn't think i would ever be back here. I was not happy with the direction it was going, looking back at the posts it seemed like the only time i felt like writing was when something bad happened so all the posts were depressing or had too much information i didn't want out there. So i'm back but things are going to be different.

First things first, if you look at the pages bar you will notice a new tab (Sport). I have posted about sports in the past but not regularly or in great depth, this was mainly due to the fact not a lot of people that i am close to like the same sports so i just kept it to myself. Recently though i have noticed that more and more people are becoming fans of different sports. That lead to a new problem for me, where should i post about it?

Went with twitter first but the 140 character limit was not only annoying but it made me sound like i was always trying to write everything as a quote. Next was facebook, this didn't work out for two main reasons, the first being i didn't want to become that guy who posts every hour about stats and games that most people don't follow. The second being, how harsh is too harsh? 

A good example of this was the Celtics v Lakers game the other day. A guy i grew up with is a hardcore Lakers fan, now during the losing streak i felt the urge to just rip into him hard but seems hes kind of sensitive i thought i'd be nice and leave it. Then the other day i noticed that his mum thanked him for a birthday gift he got her, so i started writing the comment out "Oh cool, did he get you a Lakers win?".  Just before clicking i realized that i was going to post that on something all of his family were posting on and probably would show on my mums profile and kind of make me look like a dick so i decided not to, so facebook was out. 

Then i remembered this site.....
So a little heads up of whats to come, opinions on sports, random stuff that i have created myself (not just recycled stuff), stuff that i find funny and hopefully less stuff about problems/emotion.

Bye for now and.........
"Have a beautiful time"

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