A while back i went skating with a couple of friends, when we got tired from trying to do real tricks we started coming up with random ideas. Needless to say, they were not well thought out ideas and so on the last one i messed up my wrist.

While i was cleaning up my arm i sort of let my mind wonder.....this is what came out......

I sit in my kitchen
dressing my scrape
She burst in all angry
like a mad, crazy ape

She looked at my arm
with a narrowing stare
What dumb thing did you do
to cause that right there?

I thought for a second
looking her up and then down
Oh what could i say
that would worsen her frown

I held back a grin
as i did clear my throat
A challenge was made
i was elected by vote

For obvious reasons
i was the best
For i had the courage
to take up the quest

I rolled up my sleeves 
a mistake that had been
for i stripped off my skin
as you have already seen

But back to the story
so i prepared for my dare
I mentally focused
The time was now here

I rolled down the hill
at a blistering pace
You could see i was ready
by the look on my face

I got ready to jump
my stance became low
If i felt any fear
not an ounce did it show

I flew through the air
at an astonishing height
Like there was a gale force wind
and i was a kite

I landed down easy
a board under my feet
I was a winner
No taste of defeat

But in that split second
when all was alright
something went wrong
that i could not fight

My arm hit the ground
with a terrible thud
Then i saw something red
oh crap that's my blood

I stood up and said
with a widening smile
I thought that i had it
for a very short while

After hearing all that
She wasn't impressed
But i didn't care
the wound was all dressed.



Melissa Walker
02/17/2013 11:11

Thats a good one brix!


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