Hey boys and girls, so i just got back from a week long snowboarding trip. I wish i could say i am the one in that picture but that's Travis Rice, on of the most influential boarders of all time. I am not quite at that skill level where i can fearlessly jump off a cliff and have the focus to do tricks at the same time but i do have a dream of dropping off a helicopter onto Mt Ngauruhoe and gapping the ridge of Mt Tongariro in New Zealand. I would show you a photo but i can't find a good one at the right angle.

After that first paragraph i have realized that i don't have a lot to say, there is a message that i want to get across to anyone reading this that knows me. On the mountain there was not a lot of snow, infact i have never seen that field like that, there were rocks everywhere, i mean that even getting off the chair lift you had to go out wide or board would get scratched up from the rocks appearing as the day went on. In one day i was five people getting stretchered down. I also heard about a kid that died on the otherside of the mountain because he hit his head on a rock. Even i got a bit messed up even though i was being more careful than usual, came off a jump at the wrong angle and landed in a patch of ice about 6 metres away, hit my left leg and hip. Another one that happened was on the first run of the last day, was just cruzing around a corner and hit and unexpected ice patch and slammed into the side, still can't move my left elbow properly.

I know it sounds like i am complaining a little but i am not, with everything that happened i had an awesome time and nailed some good jumps. You can pretty much as anyone on the mountain and if they really are a boarder or a skier then will all agree, its just good to be on the snow.

That actually brings me to my next point and the point that i want the people that know me to pay attention to. I was talking to a guy that is pretty high up on the mountain staff food chain and he told me some information that i don't think he really wanted me to share (so don't post it on their facebook wall). We were talking about the lack of snow, then it got serious, he said that if it was like this at the start of the season they would not have opened, infact if we don't get some snow soon, they will have to shutdown. That means that there is a possibility my season could be over more than a month or even two before the normal end of season. This means that i am going to spent as much time on the mountain as possible before that happens, this means that i will probably miss some trainings. I am sorry for this but you have to understand what it means to me, being on the snow, nothing else matters. You may have problems and issues to deal with in your life but when you are on the snow there is only you and your board, that's all you need to worry about, thats all that matters.


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