As per usual it has been a while since my last post. I don't know if i have mentioned this before or not but memes and demotivationals have gone mainstream. They are all over facebook, twitter and you can also get apps that just have hundreds of these pictures. Now before you say it, i am not going all....
..No it just bugs the crap out of me when people use the references when they are talking in real life and they are exactly the people that the memes were made to make fun of.

So with everything at everyones finger tips, this site has become pretty much redundant but to all the people that i am thinking about right now, let me tell you a little bit about the origin of the shit that used to stay safely on the internet but now rolls out of your mouth every couple of seconds.

The most logical place to start would be here:
/b/ the asshole of the internt. It is a place where people would post anything and everything, no matter how sick, twisted or wrong. It didn't matter because it is/was anonymous.

/b/ has changed, i could bitch like the others and say that its been infected by the 'cancer' but the truth is that what has happened is a natural evolution, as soon as it became popular and accepted then it became ok to use the content in real life(using your real name). In saying that though, the fact that it is now mainstream means that the content of /b/ has changed as now it has to adhere to the guidelines of what is accepted in general society.

So for all the people that could be called 'cancer', lets have a little histroy lesson.

4chan was created buy moot (Christopher Poole) as a place to discuss and share anime but the fact that there were no real rules gave birth to the /b/-Random thread. /b/ was a place where you could post anything and everything anonymously. this of course meant that as well as the usual socially unacceptable things there were also illegal things posted. to monitor this activity they had moderators. But they can't catch everything.

Since /b/ is a different place now, these issues are not as much of an issue. Bans are regular.

I realize that even though i have mentioned many times in this post that things have changed i haven't given any examples of this, let me remedy this now:

As i mentioned previously, /b/ used to be a place of no rules and because it operated outside of normal society it didn't have to follow the guidelines of what was thought to be as socially accpetable.

/b/ was not a place to find support and sympathy: There have been multiple cases of suicidal people going to /b/ saying that they are going to kill themselves and being met with 'DO IT FAGGOT'. Some going through with it implicating /b/ as a contributing cause.

Nothing was off limits: I have seen memorial pages been torn apart by /b/, and when the pages get taken down or frozen they have gone after the profiles of the dead persons family.

They will find you: There is no information they couldn't get on someone. I have seen a thread start with a simple photo or video and within minutes there was their email, phone numbers, address and even gps locations.

It did feel bad sometimes: There were moments in the mess of it that you could see that people realized that things were wrong. When people die my mistake and it could have been prevented.

There is a lot more i could say on that but i am not planning to go into detail, just give you an idea.

So next natural step:
/b/ was the home if not the birth place of anonymous. Anonymous a collective effort of like minded ideals. The original goals were orientated around fairness and justice for the users of the internet, for example big corpertaions milking the average person just because they can or government agencies and companies working together to stop the sharing of information. The attacks made by anonymous were mainly hacking and overloading servers of the people that were seen to have done wrong. It was a way of saying that we won't be fucked with.

.....but like everything else, Anonymous has changed too...
This is the new anonymous, they have become a movement with many members. They do protests and although the core goals have not changed that much, the practices have. The members are known to authorities, because of this they are bound by the law and cannot be associated with illegal practices.

The association between /b/ and anonymous was fractured in what is commonly known as the death of /b/. This refers to the new rule being inforced saying that no invasions were permitted. This meant that dicussions associated with such actions could be met with bans or perma bans.

This started a slippery slope of mods and admins having more and more power. Also because the rules were never written or defined that meant that the mods could ban people at will without needing a definative reason.

The fact that i didn't really plan this post makes me wonder whether i made the pointe that  i wanted to make so let me reiterate, the memes that are so widely used and referenced today come from a place that was dedicated to untethered free speech. Now because of the fact that so many people go to that site and use the content in non-anonymous ways the content has to adhere to what is socially acceptable. The general understanding of /b/ was that you were never to talk about it, what goes on there stays there.

Now i know that some of you would be thinking...
...and im ok with that, i gave you information, its up to you what you think about it. In saying that though, i want
you to ask yourself what you are soing when you talk like that out loud.

When you post it on facebook where your friends and family can see it.

Because if they know where it came from and what else is associated with that shit, what do you think they will think of you.

To those people that still do it (especially the people that contruct their sentences in real life conversations with references to memes)

Shut the fuck up, its annoying and makes me cringe...and also this is what i think when i hear it.....

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