So i have been thinking about a post on this subject for a long time, now i don't know about you but i have family as friends on my facebook, now this means that i have to be carerful what i say on there (and be careful what is said to me or about me).

I am one to avoid drama so i don't want something said that will make my family or my mum (yea she's on there too) to make a face like the one to the right.

Now i know that there are changes that you can make to your settings that can block information to certain people but i don't want to do that, I am not that bad and neither are my friends so i feel that type of action would be extreme.

I actually have an example for you that fits this, i was talking to a friend of mine today about this very subject and he explained something that happened to him.

Now he is a normal guy but he has some fucked up friends (as you do) and basically he came on facebook one day and came across a link someone had posted on his wall.

Now i shit you not, it was a video advertising a bondage sex swing... so normal reaction...
delete that shit before grandma ( hahaha yea his grandma is on there) sees it.

To this day he has not heard a word from his family about it so i assume they didn't see it or they knew that his friends were just screwing with him.

Still though, people be careful of facebook.

Don't kill grandma with your cumshot.... Thats a reference not just me being weird.

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