I am not going to sugar coat this in any way, twilight grates on me like nails on a chalk board. I have had to sit through conversations and had debates about this.

Now before you say it, yes I am a male and I have to admit that this fact is probably the main reason I don't like twilight as these types movies(I've been told to read the books but I'm not going to) don't interest me.

When I respond to people asking me why I don't like twilight, most of them would expect me to say something like, 'because it's faggotory and it is stupid', its true but that is not my main reason for hating it.

I hate it because of what it has done to vampire fiction, it has completely screwed with what makes vampires great. For example, if you are a race of super humans that can go out in daylight, why the hell wouldn't you take over. Farm the humans.

Look I could go on for ages about how they have taken the soul out of vampires but I won't. If you want to read or watch something that I think is a good balance of what a vampire is then find something connected to Anne Rice, she got it right.
I will never watch another twilight, ever. the only thing that could make me watch it is if Blade was in it.

Ohh and one last thing, to all those people that think Edward is so hot, look below.....  


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