Hey boys and girls, its been while since my last post (....again). Everything seems to be really busy, from work to training to family and friends, i just can't seem to find the time to do everything i want to do. Although if i didn't have to sleep i would get so much more done......i know i am not the first person to say that, there are scientists out there working on this problem right now....but thats a thought for another day.

In the middle of everthing thats been going on i also had three tubes of blood taken last tuesday........umm that has nothing to do with the picture......

The picture actually has to do with something that happend the other day. I was bored one day and was scrolling through my news feed on facebook (as you do) and i came across someones post. Now i am going to change it a little because i don't exactly want to make it easy to trace it back to them but the post went:

'I'm going to dinner for my day instead of VD',  my mind the way it is, straight away thinks......Well dinner does sound better then getting VD..... realizing a second later that she meant valentines day.

I know that it was probably just my corrupted mind but please people be careful how you abbreviate.....
Shit could get awkward it your not.

Note: i was about to comment on their post but decided against it. I think i made the right choice.

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