So my brain is all...
Picture the moment so this post may be kind of all over the place.

It has been a full on day, actually thought about quitting. In these situations my mind tends to go with two options when i finally finish work:

Option A: Stop buy a takeaway and chow out on some greasy as food that tastes damn good.
Option B: Get home, turn the music up loud and take my energy out on punching bag and weights.

I chose....

I know this picture doesn't really match up (actuallly im damn glad it doesn't) but lol, yea.

Oh and while i'm thinking about it, so i am going to be a god parent.... again, so congrads to them.

Just for general information, i admit i am not the greatest kid person but they can be pretty funny. oh and i'm not like the guy on the right.

soooo.... my mind is getting slower by the second...

So i think its best that i leave it here....

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