I really should have posted this sooner but I have been a little strung out so better late than never.

Last Friday me and three of my close friends(and a gnome) set out on a road trip for the main purpose of riding the world's biggest water slide. I have read a lot of the articles about it in the last few days and looks like mines going to be the only 100% honest one.

Firstly, no one made it to the end of the biggest slide in a straight run. The only person who came close was one of the events organizers and he hit 550m and i would say it was more of a rumor than concrete fact.

Determined to make it to the end i pushed forward and made it to the end but it wasn't easy.
You gained speed in the first drop but there is a corner by the stage/food area (please refer to picture above) where it levels out and everyone stopped there. This left you with two choices, jump out and end your ride there or sprint for it and dive at the end of the flat bit.
This next bit is a bit of a blur, not because i don't remember but because my eyes were covered in foam, it even got stuck behind my sunglasses (free from skinny, smart advertising btw).
Then i reached a point where it was soft deep mud under the plastic of the slide, i'm talking about............
...Ok maybe not as bad as this....ohk like half way up my shin. Still it meant the slide didn't work.

With all the bad things i have said about the big slide the day was saved with the two others.
The 'Granny slide' gave you a smooth ride that you could get good speed on if you pushed it.

The highlight had to be the jump slide though, most fun to do and people started getting creative with flips n twists.

So.. this post was meant to be longer but i got distracted by the livemoreawesome facebook page as there was a photo of me on it.

In conclusion, thanks to my mates for everything on the trip, you know your close when you can solidly rip into each other for a full 16 hours on the road and everyone is still laughing by the end of it.

Thanks to my friend's cousin for letting us crash at your place, owe you one.

And thanks to the live more awesome team for the awesome day.

One more thing, there was this gladiator thing with the..... this thing
My friends and i are cheering these two females on, mainly shouting 'GO FOR THE FACE' and 'GO FOR THE EYES' but funny thing was, it was Jaquie Brown. 

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