A while back i had an argument with a friend of mine over a puzzle. I believed that as the 'Star of David' is a religious symbol and there was a five point star already in the puzzle then my answer made more sense than his. He said that they are both technically stars so the one rule should refer to both...
My response to this "You're right. So the next time i play knots and crosses i'll be sure to draw a crucifix"

As is what seems to be my style i made another puzzle, this one clearer than the other. 

Here it is, i hope you enjoy...  

It was the Saturday before Christmas and the elves decided to throw a Christmas party and invite everyone.

The little elf Legolas was sent to pick some people up for the party.
Can you help him?

Here are some things you need to know:

Santa always wears a red hat.

Jesus hates sitting next to Jewish people because they crucified him.

Buddha is accepting of everyone.

Authors note:

He said with a grin
stroking the beard on his chin
Tricked me they did 
with a symbol you see
it was not as defined as a heart or a tree.

He hatched a plan in his devious mind
to make it offensive
but what could he find?

He thought and he thought 
til he was on the right track
he thought it quite good 
not much did it lack.

He wrote very fast 
at a very fast pace!
to get it done quickly
to offend every race.

As he finished he sat
and looked at his work
A smile appeared
or maybe more of a smirk.

I hope you enjoy the puzzle i made
and not try to kill me
with a bat or a blade.


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