Ohh k, so lets take another stab at this but this time I will be saving it at frequent intervals.

So there is this girl that i have known for quite a long time so we are pretty comfortable when talking to eachother.

We were talking one day and she started telling me this story, about half way through she stops mid sentence and said "......you think i'm weird, don't you?"

I immediately start laughing and tell her that she is no crazier than the rest of us and that she should hear a story that would kind of explain how my mind works when i allow it to......wonder...

Relax i am kidding, so i start the story:

I was at my brother's house one day and went to the bathroom, now on the toilet it says the word "TOTO". This reminds of that song by the band toto called africa but i don't know how it goes so my mind inserts the song 'rivers of babylon' which gets stuck in my head.

So i jump in the shower and realize i left the toothpaste by the sink so i get out to grab it. This is when i jam my hand in the shower door.

So naturally the thinking of toto and africa leads me to thinking about monkeys and as i just had my hand jammed in a door i started thinking about how i would react in the given situation if i was a monkey.
Thinking this way put me in a scene, so i am a monkey at a zoo and as i was getting out of the shower i jammed my hand in the door. This made me angry, frustrated. This is mostly directed at myself until i see the humans on the other side of the cage, pointing. laughing. This makes me angry so being a monkey i throw my feces at them.

This act lands me in monkey court for breaching the conduct clause in the treaty between humans and monkeys. So now i must plead my case to a monkey judge that has made it clear that he has already made up his mind.

The judges openning speech is filled with hate and disgust for me as he describes my actions as an embarrassment not just for me but for all monkey kind.

Now I don't remember the full speech that i made but i can assure you that it was more moving and persuasive than any speech that i could make now on this subject, but it went something like this...

For all who are here today, for those who support me and for those who want to see me burn. I say this with complete sincerity, I do not regret my actions.

At this time the court erupts in whispers and gasps of disbelief.

I must admit that it was not my most dignified moment but as you judge me i implore you to really think about what you think i did wrong.

I broke the rules of a document that is unfair and unjust, a document that allows us to be locked in cages for the amusment of the people that you hold in such respect. We are not equals, they do not show us the respect that we should have.

You look down on my actions with a civilized mind and see it as barbaric, animalistic, but if we are to be treated as animals then why should we not act like animals.

So i ask you, were my actions wrong? or were they just a representation of what humans expect from us.

Now this is about the time that i finished doing everything and had other things to think about to thats where it ends.

Her reaction to this was a little laugh and a look on her face that was half WTF and half wow.

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