Hello boys and girls, well if you read the past post in this section then this one may not come as quite a surprise, I found something else that is now on my 'I WANT IT' list and that is this....
This my friends is the Vapor 4 by Element Case. This is a case for the iPhone 4 (as you can tell by the picture). Now first off, i would like to say it looks plain damn cool. Also with its minimalist design it is sleek but that does not make for a sacrifice in protection. These are CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum, meaning it is not only strong but light (19 grams).

Now even though it is on my 'I WANT IT' list, sadly it has to stay there. One of the downsides to the Vapor 4 is that as soon as you install it on you iPhone your signal drops, we are talking by two bars or so. Now in most areas that isn't a problem but while traveling or going between low coverage areas, those two bars could make all the difference.

You know that feeling when you get excited and want to by something then you find out the cons........

Sucks doesn't it.

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