So recently i came across some pretty horrible jokes....... so here they are....

What's the opposite to christopher Reeve?
Christopher Walken

What is long and black?
The Unemployment line

What's worse thatn 10 dead babies on a train?
One dead baby on 10 trains.

Africans have the best drinking games..
Like, "The last one to find water dies"...

A man is walking on a beach when he comes across a women with no arms and legs lying on the sand.
She is crying and sobbing, so the man asks her "why are you crying?"
"well," she says through her tears, "I've never been hugged in my whole life"
The man leans down and gives her a hug.
The following day he is walking on the beach again, and he comes across the same women,
who is once again crying. He asks her what is wrong.
"well", she sobs "I've never been kissed before."
The man complies with a kiss.
The next day he is once again walking on the beach when he finds the women with no arms and legs laying on the sand.
She is once again crying so he asks her what is wrong.
"well", she whispers "I've never been fucked."
The man leans down and gently picks her up in his arms.
He carries her to the edge of the water,
tosses her in and says "you're fucked now!"

A white guy and a black guy are arguing in a bar over what colour god is.
The black guy says god is black. The white guy says god is white.
That night the white guy had a dream where he could ask god one question.
So the white guys asks "are you black or white?"
God says "I am what i am"
The next week the white guy sees the black guy at the bar and tells the black guy that god came to him in a dream and answered his question with "I am whatw i am" so he must be white.
The black guy asks," how does that make him white?
The white guy says " If he was black he would have said, I is who i is"

That was kind of yea so heres this..

Hmm that's a tough one....... think i am going to have to go with neither.

Oh unless that South Park episode plays out then i'll have to go with Miley.

If you don't know why find out here.