Today was a good day to be a Flyers fan.

I'm sitting at me desk at work this morning while the Philadelphia Flyers are playing the New York Islanders. Of course i would rather be sitting in front of my TV watching this all unfold but i have to be content with being updated on bleacher report and every now and then turning the audio on with the GameCenter app. Even with all of this i couldn't help but get amped with the 7-0 victory.

Now i know that all the people looking at the NHL standing are saying that although its a good win it doesn't mean anything in the bigger picture but to a Flyers fan it means that they may be down but not out, that there is still some fight left in them. They know what they need to do and they are capable, all that's left is to win.

Those of you who know me might think its quite weird that the Flyers actually mean a lot to me because i don't live in Philly (or even America/Canada), i live in a country that is dominated by rugby. Up until the past year i also never really paid much attention to hockey but that was mainly due to the fact you have to actively seek it to get any information here. So to those people and anyone else reading, let me tell you some things that may clarify why.
I think that the best place to start is the NBA in the mid nineties. 

Even if you knew nothing about basketball, you knew who Michael Jordan was. Back then i was just a little kid and little kids don't just like things, they get obsessed. Jordan was my idol, the Chicago Bulls were my team. They were the best of the best.

Now looking back i didn't know anything about basketball, i mean i knew the basic rules but i had no clue about team stats and probably couldn't name three other teams, but that didn't matter, i still put on my Bulls shirt and tried to dunk the hoop in my driveway.

The point i am trying to make here is that, it didn't matter that i didn't follow the sport, the team was my team and no one could tell me otherwise.

With that being said let me take you back to an exhibition game in 1976.

This is a time in Flyers history when they were seen as one of the best (if not the best) teams in the world but there was another team, the Central Red Army team of the Soviet Union that were dominating.

On the 11th of January the Soviets took to the ice against the Flyers in a game that will go down in history. The Flyers were known for their rough and rugged style of play and it didn't take long before they started knocking the Soviets around. Midway through the first period the Red Army team walked off the ice refusing to continue the game with what they saw as unskilled brutes. They only returned when they were warned that if they didn't they would lose their salary for the entire season.

After returning to the ice the unskilled brute beat them 4-1.

I came across this when i was searching for something else (probably hockey fights) one day years after it happened and it made an impression on me. Not only were they tough but they were damn good at what they did and even though i didn't know jack about hockey, they became my team.

Now years later when i have started to follow hockey more closely, i have my favorite teams like the Bruins and the Red Wings but deep down it will always be the Flyers. 

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